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Christmas is here. Finally, the most wonderful time of the year! Your Christmas tree is freshly decorated, you’ve wrapped all of your presents and you’ve written and sent out all of your Christmas cards.

Life should be easy peasy but you can’t shake off this feeling of dread. Your loved ones are coming in to visit but you’re still stressed out.

You’re wondering: Why am I feeling this way??

You’re not alone! It’s very easy to get stressed around the holidays. According to, the main causes of holiday stress include:

  • Financial problems
  • Not eating healthy or exercising
  • Not picking the “right” gift

That’s only a FRACTION of the “joys” of the holiday season for most people.

At Kalidy Homes, we understand how unbearable Christmas can be. 

Here are some last minute tips for an easy Christmas, Kalidy style:

Fill your ice tray. 

How many times have you been caught short without ice for drinks?

Probably a few too many times to count!

If you’re expecting a lot of people, grab a few extra bags of ice. Your guests will thank you!

Chill your drinks the day before.

Nobody, we repeat NODODY, likes to sip on warm drinks. Put everything in the fridge before it’s actually needed and make sure that you have enough for everyone. The general rule of thumb is typically 3 drinks per person.

Need a little help with portion control for your meals? Find out exactly how to estimate food amounts for your party. 

Create a Christmas playlist.

Ahhhh, the joys of Christmas music. These joyfully jolly tunes can have people either like Buddy the Elf:

Or like this guy from Office Space:

If you’re like Buddy, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun with this! Make a Christmas playlist to get your spirits up and pump you up for the joyous festivities coming your way! If you ARE like that guy from Office Space, make a playlist anyways. You’ll eventually end up feeling like Buddy! We promise!

Find the best Christmas tunes to add to your playlist here. 

Set the dinner table the night before.

Your future self will thank you for setting the table the night before all of the craziness begins. Make the big day even easier by putting a sticky note on each platter that states what dish you plan to serve on it! That also allows people to help you without asking 12 times.

You could easily set your Christmas dinner table KALIDY-style in three ways:

  1. Decorating your table with colorful balls. Small details sometimes are the most significant ones. Grab some red and white balls to add a little Kalidy touch to your table!
  2. Having multiple center pieces. When decorating your Christmas table you make more than one center piece! But the Kalidy way is a tad bit more elaborate: don’t be afraid to incorporate different elements to your table!
  3. Using red as your central color. Not only is red the powerful prime color of Kalidy Homes, red is an elegant color. It’s up to you how extravagant your dinner table will be, but to get that Kalidy look for your Christmas, use that red!

Still not too sure how to decorate your Christmas table? Here’s a little bit of inspiration to help you out:


Got pets? Take them for a BIG walk on December 24.

Chances are, you won’t really get a chance to take your dogs out for a much-needed walk on Christmas Day.

Here are some of the most important dog-walking essentials to take your dog walk to the next level:

  • Properly fitted collar with ID
  • A fixed-length leash
  • Waste bags for cleaning up
  • Treats

Find out what else you need to bring on your dog walk here. 

Do a grocery audit of everyday items you may have missed.

Take a moment to look through your pantry and fridge. What’s missing? What’s something that you may need a bit extra for your guests? Look for things like milk, paper towels, toilet papers, soap and garbage can liners.

These little things are very easy to miss when you’re shopping for hams, turkeys and wrapping paper. You’ll definitely need them!

Write a food prep schedule for Christmas Day. 

Write down everything that you need to do the day of Christmas.

Be as detailed as you possibly can. Write down things like:

  • How long each dish takes to make
  • Whether any dishes need to be marinated/refrigerated/baked, etc
  • Which order to make your dishes in

It’s also critical that you pick and make a dessert well ahead of time. Nothing like a week before, but at least a day or two before your Christmas festivities.

Not too sure what to make for a Christmas dessert? Country Living magazine has some great dessert ideas here.

One more thing…

The single, most important thing you should do after finishing up last minute Christmas stuff?


All of your stuff is finally getting done. Your loved ones are coming in. Everything is coming together. Now you can finally take it easy and enjoy the special people in your life.

You’ve got this!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Kalidy Homes!

Last modified: December 21, 2017

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