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This past weekend, Kalidy Homes participated in the OKC Home +Garden Show! This was our first time participating in a trade-show and we had a blast! From set-up to take-down, we were actively learning and growing as a team and community. Plus, we made some new friends!

Although our booth was a 10×10 area, it took most of the day on Thursday to set it up. There was some trial and error involved but we still had fun. Throughout the event, we moved things around in the space in order to better target different demographics in attendance.

From Day One, we were learning from the vendors around us. We quickly became friends with the guys from the Head Country Bar-B-Q stand next to us. They fed us samples of their food and gave us lots of helpful advice. They are pros at predicting the traffic flow of the day. On the first day (also known as the slowest day), they gave away sixteen hundred samples! Needless to say, Alex, Jess, and I each bought some bar-b-q sauce to take home with us.

It was a joy to talk to people, informing them of our business. As you have probably seen, our office building is very colorful and memorable. Many people would stop to talk to us and at the end of our conversation, notice a picture of the building and exclaim, “Oh! I’ve seen your building! It’s so cool! It’s on East Memorial, right?” and proceed to tell us about their experiences passing our building or billboards around the Metro area.

Office members rotated in and out of the booth throughout the weekend. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone in their element, promoting Kalidy Homes, in a new environment. During lulls in foot traffic, we were able to relax and joke around with each other – furthering the strong bond our employees have.

Many people came by the booth asking for Sabih directly! On Saturday, he was able to connect with many partners, vendors, and friends throughout the evening. It was a joy seeing partners, such was ACE Garage Door Company, at their booths throughout the weekend. Sabih had fun exploring the show – learning about the many products offered and building relationships with many local businesses. Of course, he was the best at getting people to take pictures with Bigfoot.

Although Bigfoot was a huge attention grabber (who doesn’t love the big guy, really?), we also held drawings for several prizes. We gave away a bottle of Kalidy wine with two Kalidy wine glasses each day; as well as, a $50 At Home Giftcard, 2 Thunder tickets, and 2 Tim McGraw – Faith Hill Soul-2-Soul Tour tickets. Needless to say, many employees wished they could win the prizes!

We also passed out Kalidy water and cookies throughout the event. Jennifer made 300 cookies for the event – what a rockstar! Aren’t they cute?!

Needless to say, the OKC Home + Garden Show was a fantastic experience. We grew our customer base, interacted with the local community, and strengthened our relationships with each other. Watch this video for more inside looks at the weekend!

Last modified: January 24, 2017

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  1. Randhier says:

    You guys did a great job! Go Team Kalidy! 😉

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