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It’s the first day of our favorite time of the year – fall! The leaves are falling, Halloween decorations are popping in stores, and pumpkins are begging to be picked. With all of the most magical things of fall finally coming upon us, it’s always important to make sure we have our responsibilities on hand.

That’s right, the time of cleaning has come upon us again! But don’t worry-we’ve got your back!

No one really likes to clean that much: it gets tiring after a while! There’s always so much to do and no one really knows how to get started doing anything. We want to be able to make the cleaning process as easy as possible, so we wanted to help you out with a good list. The longer you wait to clean your home, the more work you’ll have to worry about later. Might as well get it taken care of now!

Fall is one of the best times for a good, deep cleaning. With winter coming fast upon us, it does make sense to make sure your family is tucked into a freshly-cleaned home. Take advantage of the decent weather while it lasts and to welcome the approaching holiday season with a clean and comfortable home.

The Inside

When cleaning the inside of your home, it’s crucial to start from the top and finish at the bottom. You don’t want to start in any random spot of the house or you’ll just have more to clean.

You probably don’t have time for even more cleaning and don’t want to do that! For cleaning the inside of your home, here are the most important tasks to give your home that squeaky-clean feel:

Throughout all of the rooms

  1. Vacuum dusty canvas, cotton, and treated fabric blinds. No one likes dusty blinds! To get the best clean possible, use a low setting with a brush attachment on your vacuum. Vinyl shades can be wiped down with a dampened microfiber cloth if they need a little more attention.
  1. Wash all your interior windows. Be sure to pick a cloudy day so you can better see any streaks you’ve might have made. If your windows are really bad and need a two-step treatment, be sure to start by dusting or vacuuming the valance and frame, then vacuum from top to bottom using the upholstery attachment for drapes and the brush for blinds. Clean the window sills and window wells. If your window coverings are very dirty, check the labels for cleaning instructions. Always send lace, linin, satin, and silk drapes ad shades to a professional cleaner. If you don’t think you’re that good at cleaning windows, here are some tips to help get you started!
  1. Do the carpets. Be sure to vacuum and give your carpeting a good scrub. We recommend having them professionally cleaned if needed. Warm October afternoons speed up the carpet drying process. Carpet cleaning firms do get busy towards the end of October, so we recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP for the best service. Some of the best professionals in the Oklahoma City metro include ANEW Carpet Cleaning, Zeroez Carpet Cleaning, and KPA Carpet Cleaning.
  1. Straighten the closets. Go through any stuff that you’ll never use or don’t need anymore. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and you’ll have much more room for storage!
  1. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Or install them, if you haven’t yet. You already know how to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. But you also need to clean your units, since dust that accumulates can cause them to under perform over time. Using your vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment, clean in and around the detectors’ openings. If any are more than 10 years old, replace them.
  1. Replace the furnace filter. If you haven’t changed your furnace filter within the past three months, do so now. Be sure to also buy a winter’s supply of furnace filters. Change filters monthly for maximum energy savings and indoor comfort. When the right filter is on hand, it’s an easy job!


  1. Flip your mattress. Turn your mattresses front-to-back and end-to-end to equalize wear. If you can’t flip it because it has a pillow top, rotate it 180 degrees to prevent body impressions from forming in certain spots. Sprinkle your mattress with baking soda to neutralize odors, and then vacuum it up.
  1. Clean all bedding: Tuck your family into warm and cozy beds! Wash all of your mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets and comforters.


  1. Vacuum the condenser coils. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum the coils gently with a brush. For bottom-mounted coils, use a long, narrow brush to clean out coils of dust and debris. Those dust bunnies and random debris probably built a town by now!
  1. Wash out the cupboards, stove, microwave, fridge, etc. Completely empty them, wash the down, and replace liners in the cupboards and pantry if you use them. Declutter and reorganize what you have. Here are some of the best organization tips to help get you started!

Outside the House

Cleaning the outside of your home is most people’s least favorite fall chore. While there is a lot to do when it comes to actually doing yardwork, there’s not so much that it’s very overwhelming. We only included the outside chores that really matter so that you and your family can stay warm and cozy!

  1. Wash exterior windows. All you need to clean windows are soap, water and a cloth or squeegee. Some people do recommend using crumpled newspapers for a sparkling shine on your windows! The best day to clean exterior windows are overcast ones – skip window washing on bright sunny days when the sun may cause soap and water streaks. Don’t forget to clean the screens as well!
  1. Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary. The National Fire Protection Association recommends doing this every year. Annual cleanings will reduce creosote buildup and rid your chimney of other debris, reducing the risk of an actual fire. Two of the best chimney sweepers are Top Hat Chimney Sweep and Master Services; we highly recommend them!
  1. Check gutters and downspouts. Gutters keep water away from your house, reducing the chances of water damage to your siding, windows, doors, and foundation. You’ll want to schedule your fall gutter cleaning after all of the leaves have fallen from your trees. Less work for you over the long run!
  1. Drain and store garden hoses. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots. In hard-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems blown free of water.
  1. Check caulk around windows and doors. Re-caulking windows and doors will seal air leaks. You can prevent water damage around your home by applying some around your faucets, bathtubs, pipes, and other plumbing.
  1. Mow your lawn one last time. You need to be sure to set the cutting height at 2 inches. This way, the grass can store food for growth but not get too long that snow and ice will mat it down and cause disease or fungus problems.

Looking for something extra? Check out how to make your windows squeaky clean here!

This is definitely a lot to do and a lot to remember! If this sounds like too much, we created a list to help you out.

***Click HERE to download the Fall Maintenance Checklist!! 

That’s it for this round! What do you guys think of our list? Is there anything else you would add?

Feel free to leave a comment and post any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

Last modified: December 19, 2017

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