How to Leave Your Home for the Winter Holidays


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One of the busiest times to travel is during the winter holiday season. Visiting family, escaping to warmer climates, or traveling to the best winter sports venues – people are on the move. With all the commotion from travel, life can get extremely stressful. Think about it, you have to make travel arrangements, pack your bags, find accommodations for pets, the list goes on – and let’s not even get started on traffic and airport security lines. It is crazy! 

In the madness of travel plans, people tend to forget about their homes. They won’t be there so why think about it? Many people are not aware that homes require care while they are away. Some people know they need to do something about their vacant homes but aren’t sure what. Don’t worry, though! It is easy to do and Kalidy Homes is here to guide you through the process!

So, how do you take care of your home while you are away during the winter months? 

Traveling during the holidays is stressful! Don’t add to the stress by worrying about your home while you are away. Click to read Kalidy Homes’ tips for keeping your home happy and functioning without increasing your electric bill! - or save and pin for later.

Lower your thermostat

The heat does not need to be blasting when you are away. This being said, if you turn it off completely, you run the risk of your pipes freezing. Lower your thermostat to around 55-50 degrees. This will lower electricity costs while preventing plumbing issues. Note: if you have pets that will be residing in your home while you are away, set your heat to a comfortable temperature for them. Also, make sure to arrange the proper care for them while you are away.

Open your cabinets

This is along the same line as the previous tip. If you open your cabinets, especially those with pipes hidden underneath, the heat will flow in – preventing frozen pipes.

Unplug electronic devices

Don’t just turn them off – unplug them – cell phone chargers and coffee pots included. Items like this still use electricity even when they are not in use. This will save you a ton on electric bills. Keep the refrigerator running so food doesn’t expire – you can lower the temperature to save on costs, just don’t turn it off completely.

Don’t leave your lights on 24/7

Lights can be tricky. If you are concerned about security, put a few lights on timers. Your house can look occupied without leaving lights on for your entire trip.

Clean out all perishable food items.

You don’t want to come home to the smell of expired milk or rotting eggs. After you do this, make sure to take out the trash! 

Don’t let heat escape

Close your blinds and window furnishings (like curtains) to keep the heat inside the house. Make sure dog doors are closed. Close all windows. Sometimes closets don’t get heat as well as other parts of the house  – close closet doors to prevent the cold air from seeping in.

Lower the temperature on your water heater

You won’t be using it, so why pay for it? This being said, don’t turn it off completely or your pipes will freeze.

Adjust water supply

If you are very concerned about pipes freezing, you can turn off your water supply and open all pipes to allow air to flow through them. This is an extra precaution that does not need to be taken unless the weather is predicted to be well below freezing every day that you are away.

That concludes our list of winter home safety tips during the holidays!

What tricks do you use to keep your house safe and functional while you are away during the winter months? Comment below! 

Last modified: December 14, 2016

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  1. Patty Hunt says:

    Have someone trustworthy pick up your newspapers and collect the mail.

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