How to Get the Perfect Modern Bedroom You’ll Love


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Moving into a new home is the most exciting time for a first-time homeowner. You’re in your own space, you have complete control over how you run your house, and you can decorate it until your heart is content. But if you’re not the decorating type but have a unique, modern rustic style that defines your personality, how do you get creative? You’re not used to decorating and planting your personal touch in a home and you’re stuck.

What do you do?


How to Get the Perfect Modern Bedroom Kalidy Style

That’s where Kalidy Homes comes in to help!

Everyone seems to be talking about how the modern rustic design aesthetic is dominating interior design. We love it here at Kalidy because it is a very warm style that embraces charm with modern amenities. It adds a sense of reality to a static home.

What makes modern rustic homes different from other types of dwellings is that they provide the best of both worlds. They provide that creative simplicity in form and function worthy of starting conversations. They also contribute that natural character most desirable in Oklahoman homes.

In this post, we will discuss the different ways we’ve utilized that design aesthetic in one of our homes. You can use some of those tips to achieve the same look in your home.

Let’s begin by looking at this unfurnished master suite.

How to Get the Perfect Modern Bedroom Kalidy Style

Many Oklahoma homes are known for having an austere design and farmhouse touches throughout the floor plan. his gorgeous master suite we have in one of our homes is no exception.

One of the most distinctive features of the master suite is the sliding barn door leading into the bathroom. These attractive doors utilize space and add that coveted style many homeowners want the most. The door complements the smooth white walls and the dark brown floors.

We wanted to make sure that the master suite incorporated a wooden element as a subconscious way of contributing individuality to the overall design. Natural features are essential for the modern rustic layout. They’re a way to bring the great outdoors inside while maintaining that classic clean look stereotypical in contemporary homes.

Now let’s look at the bedroom with some furniture added into it.

How to Get the Perfect Modern Bedroom Kalidy Style

Our master suite has been beautifully furnished with current design features while maintaining that desirable rustic appeal. Jessica Bailey, the Graphic Director of Kalidy Homes, integrated contrasting design components to the bedroom such as the painting above the bed and the simplistic

With the pieces that she added, the room pays homage to the traditional rustic style while maintaining uncomplicated cladding and wall finishes. The room has simple detailing without too much distracting decoration and contains organic textures and shapes and natural warmth.

What are some simple ways to achieve this look that you want in an open-concept bedroom?

Utilize earth-rich tones.

Deep earthy tones such as the tan, beige, chocolate, and charcoal on the bed establish a sense of power and pride in this suite. The varying blue hues along the opposite wall are what really make the rest of the bedroom stand out and add a bit of sincere calm and relaxation.

These beautiful natural colors complete the suite without one select color dominating the space. It’s now the kind of room you would be more than happy to come home to after a long day of work, school, or both!

Remember comfort!

When people normally think about super modern homes, they think of something similar to art-deco dwellings: they’re cold, uncomfortable, and not worth staying in, let alone living in. Some homes are like that!

We wanted to make sure that that rustic element was apparent when staging this room. Rustic features feel honest and provide a sense of reality. There are cozy blankets laid out on the bed and on and in the basket beside the loveseat for easy napping when the moment calls for it.

Get a few statement pieces.

You will want to add something to your bedroom that will get people talking when they take a tour and something that will not make the room boring. The designers and decorators of Kalidy Homes are masters at doing this.

With the giant mirror perching over the loveseat and the twisted carpet below, it looks as if the sun is beaming over the ocean. Those kinds of statement pieces convey those kinds of feelings and allow people to exhibit different kinds of emotions.

The most important rule to remember when it comes time to decorate your beautiful open-concept room is to not think too much about what it’s going to look like. It’s important to go with what your heart says and what you believe is going to look good. It’s your home so go with it!

What do you think adds character to a modern rustic home?

What other features would you add to our room? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Last modified: November 10, 2017

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