How We Turned Rent to Own Skeptics into Believers


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We wanted to take advantage of this space to thank everyone who came to the Renovation and Landscaping Show this past weekend. We were lucky enough to have a booth at this prestigious show that features home renovation vendors and landscaping experts.

Not surprisingly Big Foot Kal stole the show! You already know he just loves the spotlight so this was a great time for him to shine and take some selfies with all his fans. He got a few confused looks but that’s exactly what sets us apart at Kalidy, being different, eclectic and out of the box.

renovation and lansdcape show turns rent to own skeptics into believers kalidy homes

The Renovation and Landscaping Show took place at the Cox Convention Center from Friday to Sunday and we got to meet so many people who were intrigued by our rent to own program. Rent to own can have a negative stigma and people may be skeptical at first until they listen to the Kalidy rent to own program!

Once we began to explain how we have a different and modern mortgage system with a low-down payment and monthly payments that include the principal, interest, taxes and insurance people loosen up and wanted to hear more. We understand that people can be skeptical which is why we love attending these shows and meeting people that turn from skeptics, to believers and eventually Friends for Life!

The vendors at the show were spectacular and had gorgeous booths and I call me biased but our booth was not too shabby. Big Foot Kal was greeting guests, we had chic lights atop of our banner where the focal point was our stunning office building. We made a video that featured all the gorgeous homes we have renovated and the Kalidy touches that set us apart like the barn doors, decorative lighting and patios.

Kalidy homes turns rent to own sketpics to belivers at the renovation and landscaping show

Everyone was blown away by a particular Kalidy touch, the barn doors. We had so many guests compliment us on the great work and variety our crews do to our barn doors. Big Foot Kal kept taking the credit and saying he builds them but truth be told we have talented crews that design and build the popular Kalidy touches.

We can’t forget the great giveaways we had going on all weekend. We had Kalidy water bottles and bags for all the guests and our basket giveaways. The women’s, men’s and kid’s baskets were a hit and many people took a quick survey for the chance to win one of the sought-after prizes.

Our favorite part of the event was calling the basket giveaway winners and having them scream on the pone because they cannot contain their excitement. I mean can you blame them? All the baskets had awesome goodies!

kalidy homes renovation and landscaping show oklahoma city rent to own

The Renovation and Landscaping Show was in one word, success! Thank you to everyone that took their time to have some fun with us, to our customers that came out and Big Foot Kal told me to thank his fans!

Feeling left out? Don’t worry we will be attending more events soon or you can always drop by our office for a visit and selfie with Big Foot Kal!


kalidy homes turns skeptics into believers of rent to own at renovation and landscaping show



Last modified: November 3, 2017

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