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It’s finally that time. It’s the time to choose the best public school for your little one.

Despite all of the options of schools to choose from, you’re frustrated. There are hundreds and hundreds in the state but how do you know which one is the best one?

There’s no such thing as “the best public school” because there are so many that are great.

At the end of the day, you just want to find the best one in the Oklahoma City Metro for your children to grow into.

So you do a bit of research and come across this blog post. We did some of the research so you don’t have to.

Here are the best public schools in the Oklahoma City Metro:

Elementary Schools

Chisholm Elementary

Location: Edmond

Why Chisholm? Sitting on a 10-acre tract of land, Chisholm Elementary School focuses on providing students with different academic and social programs. The faculty and parents work together to create the best possible learning environment. The unique school building is built around a central media center and the semi-open classrooms are designed for a team-teaching approach. Parent and community involvement is a very big thing at this elementary school. Not only is participation highly encouraged among parents, many parents actively volunteer their time at the school to provide assistance to students and teachers. Chisholm is a great public school for parents looking to be more involved in their child’s education.

Frontier Elementary

Frontier Elementary School

Location: Edmond

Why Frontier? When this elementary school opened in 2013, it opened with 450 students total. Frontier was the first of its’ kind in America to be named a  “Great Expectations Model School”  during their first year. That’s AMAZING! This school with beautiful contemporary design elements is also a demonstration site for the State Department of Oklahoma. What this means is that the school and the SDE work together through the Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support to improve both academic and behavior outcomes for students.

Heritage Trails Elementary

Location: Moore

Why Heritage Trails? Heritage Trails Elementary School has a great learning environment for growing students. The school encourages mutual respect, promotes personal successes and delivers a “fun, safe and creative atmosphere.” There’s also plenty of fun events the entire family can enjoy, like the Trail Mix Assemblies as well as the Student Council your child can actively get involved in.

Middle Schools

Cheyenne Middle School

Cheyenne Middle School

Location: Edmond

Why Cheyenne? Established as one of Edmond’s Premier Middle Schools, Cheyenne is a Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School. What exactly does that mean? The school places an emphasis on academic excellence. It DID receive three stars for student performance on the OCCT Bench Mark Tests. That’s a BIG deal! If you take your child to this middle school, it’s practically guaranteed that they’re getting some of the best education possible.

Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School


Belle Isle Neighborhood

Location: Oklahoma City

Why Belle Isle? Belle Isle offers students a rigorous academic program in a highly supportive environment. Their athletics program’s philosophy embodies the school’s Mission Statement and Student Creed. The school’s fine and performing arts program includes orchestra, band, chorus and fine arts classes.

Students are encouraged to feel positive about their academic achievement. with all of these amazing features to Belle Isle, it’s no surprise that it’s also a Great Expectations Model School like Frontier Elementary!

Independence Charter Middle School

Independence Charter

Location: Oklahoma City

Why Independence Charter? This school really is the first of its’ kind!

On July 1, 2000 Independence became the first charter school in the State of Oklahoma. The curriculum is academically challenging but provides a reputable education experience. The school places a huge emphases on safety, respect and accountability. Because of this, the students will possess the eagerness, readiness and skill for lifelong learning.

What’s even better? Independence Charter Middle school is tuition free.

High Schools

Edmond North High School

Edmond North High School

Location: Edmond

Why Edmond North? A National Blue Ribbon School, the school rates in the Top Academic Performance Index in Oklahoma as a 6A Comprehensive High School. North has delivered six National Merit Semi-Finalist Scholars, one National Achievement Scholar, two National Hispanic Scholars and eight National Merit Commended Scholars.

While the academics is very impressive, Edmond North also has a very interactive student body. There’s plenty of programs your child can join, such as multiple clubs including the Spanish Club to the Student Council.

There really is something for everybody here!

Norman North High School


Norman North High School

Location: Norman

Why Norman North? Along with Norman High School, Norman North High School has been recognized among the nation’s best and most academically challenging high schools. The school has also been listed on the U.S. News and World Report’s publication on the “Best High Schools”  national rankings.

The most amazing thing about the Norman Public School District?

They implemented their own Freshmen Academies and College and Career Centers.

Each center has a unique purpose. The Freshmen Academies will focus on ninth graders transition to high school and the College and Career Centers will expand educational opportunities for upper classmen through mentorships, internships and duel-enrollment opportunities.

Let us clarify…

No matter where you live in the Oklahoma City metro, there are lots of amazing public schools to choose from. The schools we listed are unique and wonderful in their own individual way. The school you pick for your child, whether it’s elementary or high school, is important. It’s a huge part of their childhood and their education.

What are some other amazing Oklahoma public schools?

Leave a suggestion in the comments! What is a public school that deserves all of the love and recognition is should get?


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